Share Market And Related News

How do you proceed with your investment planning in the stock market? A disciplined approach is a must if you want to experience a win-win situation. It is striking the right and sticking to it that matters. Striking the right does not mean that you choose the most active shares displayed at brokerage sites or financial news portals. It means involving a lot of research, planning, staying updated with share market live, and accordingly taking the buying and selling decision.

As an investor you cannot do away with the volatility of the market. If you look back at news on share market today for several days at a stretch, you will notice that there is no consistency. There are lakhs of investors who put in their money in small and bulk amounts. Each investor has unique goals and strategies. There are also many who consider trading in the share market as gamble. They hardly take into consideration the share market live for latest market statistics nor do they consider researching on the most active shares recommended by experts. You should therefore be always ready to take surprises. If there is a rise at one particular period, you cannot expect it to continue; fall is certain. So, be prepared for the volatility. For example, if you drive through an unfamiliar road, you will never know if there are any bumps, i.e speed breakers on the way. It is only by maintaining your speed that you can cross the bump smoothly. Non-control of speed may lead to any unwanted circumstance. Similar is the case with the share market. If you know how to control and maintain your risks, gaining maximum return on your investment is certain. Do stay updated with the share market today everyday so that you know what is happening in the market.

Spreading out your money in the most active shares and not investing too much in one particular share is another trick of getting maximum returns. But at the same time, it is also necessary that you stay updated with the share market live for the latest market statistics.

Who Is Michelle Boudreau?

History has been evident of the positive impact a woman is capable of making in the society and world at large and how a woman is capable of encouraging others to ignite big success stories. Here too we are talking about another success story of a lady who has inspired the world and shown the world that a next door housewife is not only capable of kindling others’ life but also enabling them to lead a financial savvy life which unfortunately not all women can manage to live.

Here we are talking about the author and creator of best-selling book Debt Rescue and encouraging Healthy Habits of Wealthy Women, Michelle Boudreau who is constantly striving hard to enable today’s women all over the world to understand how one can manage their finances and become financially dependent. With the aim to secure financial life of millions of women, Michelle Boudreau is teaching them the ways to future wealth and financial growth in order to make them capable enough of attaining financial success.

Michelle Boudreau is a big name as a businesswoman. She is into real estate business for as many as 25 years and has vast experience in Fortune 500. She has had worked as a spokesperson in corporate with distinguished expertise. Right from marketing industry to financial strategy dealing companies to the companies offering product development services, and big names like Yamaha, FOX, Sanyo, CBS, Sony, The Home Shopping Network, Michelle had a successful experience with all.

The list of accomplishments is large for Michelle and especially in the field of coaching on finances and success at the national level. She has not only been a keynote speaker but a seminar leader and even a financial advisor to the CBS News. Numerous publications are on her name including the best-selling books like Healthy Habits of Wealthy Women and the Great Credit in a Snap. She has helped people by writing numerous interesting and useful articles, which include Michelle’s Financial Mistakes to Avoid and Rescue Yourself From Credit Debt.

She is a woman who knows what she wants from life and even after such a busy schedule, she finds time to do things that are close to heart like providing at Chi Chi Rodriguez Youth Foundation a self esteem course to the children. A junior achievement program came into being only because of her in HSM and believing in giving back to the community, she is quite dedicated to non- profit charitable trusts as well in order to aid children and animals.

Michelle life transformed after her divorce when she realized that she needs to create a financial security for herself and today she is a wealth creator from a debt eliminator. People too wanted to know her story and how she could bring so much peace and contentment in her life. The demand grew and she found ways to help people improve their financial conditions and ultimately bringing their dreams to reality. Michelle stays in California though, but spends her leisure time on inter coastal waterways kayaking.

Dish Network Programming

Dish Network programming is all about providing quality, entertaining television programming for every member of your family and providing that programming at an affordble price. Starting with the DISH Family Package with over 40 quality channels to the DISH “Everything” Pak with over 280 channels, DISH Network has something to offer the very young and the not so old members of your family. Whether your passion is keeping up on the local, regional, national and international news; DISH has you covered. If movies is what you crave, then DISH Network offers over 31 Premium Movie
channels from HBO THE WORKS, CINEMAX, SHOWTIME UNLIMITED and STARZ SUPER PAK. Have a sports fanatic in the house? Then Dish Network has literally dozens of sports channels to choose from. If you long for music to sooth the savage beast, then DISH offers over 50 Sirius Satellite Radio channels to listen to. Also, there are 32 DishCD channels and 18 DISH Music channels to listen to. That’s over 100 music channels to listen to and all in 100% digital audio! Read on and see why Dish Network programming is for you.

Dish Network Programming is News & Information

If you’re in the business world and like keeping up on the various financial
markets; then Bloomberg Television is a must for you. Bloomberg reaches into over 200 million homes around the world and helps investors stay on top of the latest trends. If you’re into politics, then C-SPAN and C-SPAN 2 is your ticket. Get 24/7 coverage of what’s happening in our nation’s capital, including live debates from the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives. If you like staying abreast of the latest news happenings from all over the world, then CNN (Cable News Network) is for you. CNN is the world’s leading 24-hour global news and information television network. CNBC is the leading business and financial news network. Stay abreast of the latest breaking news and trends with CNBC. Sister station CNBC World combines the latest
breaking financial news from the U.S., Asia and Europe into one 24 hour a day
global news network. HNN (Headline News Network) brings you the latest top news stories of the day in a 30 minute format. In the evening hours HNN switches over to offering such shows as Nancy Grace and Showbiz Tonight. If you like keeping up with the latest happenings at NASA, then the NASA Channel is for you. The NASA Channel provides real-time coverage of NASA activities and missions as well as resource videos for the news media and educational programming to teachers, students and the general public. Do you have a ‘Gamer’ in your family? Then G4 is a must have channel. G4 is the only 24/7 video game network devoted entirely to video games. Into the Internet? Keeping up with the latest news from Microsoft and Bill Gates? Then you’ll want to watch MSNBC, a truly unique station offering
news, talk and information 24/7. If you live down on the farm in rural America, then RFD TV is the channel for you. Like staying top of the weather? Then The Weather Channel is for you with 24/7 weather forecasts. These are but a few of the News/Information Networks that Dish Network Programming offers.

Dish Network Programming is Movies

If you like watching old, classic movies then Dish Network offers the AMC (American Movie Classics) Channel. AMC is devoted to showing movies from the Golden Age of Hollywood. Films offered are from the 1930′s through the 1970′s. There’s also TCM (Turner Classic Movies) for the truly nostalgic movie buff, with over 400 movies shown every month from the early 1920′s
up to the 1980′s. For movie fans of 20th. Century Fox, there’s the FOX Movie Channel. FOX films are unedited and commercial free offering everything from old classics to recent releases. Dish Network programming also offers over 31 premium movie channels to select from, including: nine HBO (Home Box Office) channels, six Cinemax channels, 11 Showtime channels and nine Starz channels. No matter what genre of movie you like or from what age, Dish Network programming has the perfect movie channel for you.

Dish Network Programming is Sports

If you or someone in your family is a true sports FANATIC, then you have to sign up for Dish Network Sports. Whether your passion is football, basketball, baseball, ice hockey, tennis, soccer, rugby, golf, volleyball and on and on; then Dish Network sports is your ticket to the hottest action, whether at the high school, college or professional level, Dish Network Sports has it all. Get out that DVR – you’re going to need it! First, there’s the FOX Sports Network offering 17 regional sports channels from around the country. Watch everything from high school football to college basketball on FOX Sports. Oh, and there’s SEVEN ESPN channels to watch. The ESPN channel alone offers Major League Baseball, Sunday Night Football and NCAA Basketball. Well, we won’t go on about ESPN because the name is synonymous with sports. There’s also five Comcast Regional Sports Networks to choose from. There’s also the CBS College Sports Television channel, the Altitude Sports Network (cover sports in the Denver, Colorado area), The Big Ten Network, The Golf Channel, Madison Square Garden
Channel, the NFL Network and many more. There’s even the GOL TV Network for the Spanish speaking viewing audience. There’s even Horseracing TV for those that like watching the ponies run. And we haven’t even mentioned that DISH Network Sports also offers several outstanding premium sports channels from NBA League Pass to MLB Extra Innings to
ESPN GamePlan, ESPN Full Court, MLS Direct Kick for major league soccer fans, NHL Center Ice for the pro Ice Hockey fan and much more. The above doesn’t whet your fanatical apetite then how about DISH Network’s Multi-Sport Pack?! The Multi-Pack offers 37 Regional and National Sports Networks including the NBA TV in HD and covering a dizzying array of sporting events.

Dish Network Programming is for Everyone

For the youngsters in your household or just the young at heart, Dish Network
programmg offers the Cartoon Network, which has the finest library of classic and recent cartoons ever made and it shows them 24/7! For the kids in your family there’s also Noggin with lots of educational programming for pre-schoolers and in the evening shows geared towards helping teens meet the challenges of living in today’s world. For the Disney lovers out there, there’s the Disney Channel East and the Disney Channel West. Other fine youth orientated programming includes: Nick Toons, Nickelodeon at Night East and Nickelodeon at Night West. Dish Network even offers several different International programming Channels to watch, so no matter what your age, educational background, nationality, what language you speak, Dish Network programming offers shows that will educate, inspire and enrich the lives of its television viewing audience. With DISH’s 10 EchoStar satellites orbiting at 22,500 miles above the earth’s equator beaming down all this wonderful programming – Dish Network programming is literally out of this world!

European Newspaper Awards

The European Newspaper Award have been seen as Europe’s biggest newspaper competition.It was established in nineteen ninty nine with the endeavors of Norbert Küpper,additionly he organizes the event. Since the past nine competitions, he worked with the media magazines (Frankfurt), the Austrian journalists (Salzburg) and the Swiss magazine journalists.

The competition intends to exchange knowledge on newspaper design in European continent to provide new, creative openings.

The European Newspaper Congress was also founded by Norbert Küpper. The concepts and the design of the main prize winners will be presented during the Congress. The first congress was held in the Hall coronation of the Aachen City Hall. In 2008, this event was organized for the fifth time in the city hall of the City of Vienna.

There are four main prizes:

Local newspaper
Regional Newspapers
National newspaper
Weekly Newspaper

List all the major award winners:

1st European Newspaper Award (1999)

Local newspaper: Firda, Norway
Regional newspaper Dagblad de Limburger, Netherlands
national newspaper :Die Welt, Germany
Weekly Newspaper: not awarded
2nd European Newspaper Award (2000)

Local newspaper: Laagendalsposten, Norway
Regional newspaper Diario El Correo, Spain
national newspaperThe Guardian, Britain
Weekly Newspaper: The Week, Germany
3rd European Newspaper Award (2001)

Local newspaper: not awarded
Regional Newspaper: not awarded
national newspaper : Diário de Notícias, Lisbon, Portugal
national newspaper :Trouw, Netherlands
Weekly Newspaper: Independent on Sunday, Britain
4th European Newspaper Award (2002)

Local newspaper: Tønsberg Blad, Norway
Regional newspaper: Tidende Bergen, Norway
national newspaperTa Nea, Greece
Weekly Newspaper: Frankfurter Allgemeine Sunday newspaper, Germany
5th European Newspaper Award (2003)

Local newspaper: Goienkaria, Spain
Regional newspaper Heraldo de Aragon, Spain
national newspaper Corriere della Sera, Italy
Weekly Newspaper: Sunday Tribune, Ireland
Special Jury Prize: La Voz de Galicia, Spain

6th European Newspaper Award (2004)

Local newspaper Diario de Noticias, Huarte-Pamplona, Spain
Regional newspaper Het Parool, Netherlands
national newspaperDe Morgen, Belgium
Weekly Newspaper: Sentinel Sunday, Britain
Weekly Newspaper: Tidende Bergen, Norway

7th European Newspaper Award (2005)

Local newspaper: Östersund items, Sweden
Regional newspaper Kleine Zeitung, Austria
National newspaper :The Guardian, Britain
Weekly Newspaper: time, Germany
Weekly Newspaper: Presso, Finland

8th European Newspaper Award (2006)

Local newspaper Hufvudstadsbladet, Finland
Regional newspaper: Tidende Bergen, Norway
National newspaper :De Morgen, Belgium
Weekly Newspaper: Expresso, Portugal
Special Jury Prize: Superdeporte, Spain

9th European Newspaper Award (2007)

Local newspaper The News Mayo, Ireland
Regional newspaper El Periódico de Catalunya, Spain
National newspaper :Eleftheros Tipos, Greece
Weekly Newspaper: Welt am Sonntag, Germany

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